Although job interviews can vary significantly, and there is no generic blueprint for them, there are a few questions that you can expect to be asked at almost every interview. Let’s go over those common questions and how you should prepare for them.

Tell Me About Yourself

This one may seem self-explanatory, but it’s easy to get caught up in the simplicity of the question and spout off hobbies and life goals while completely missing the point of the question. When your interviewer asks you to describe yourself, stick to information that pertains to why you’d be a good candidate for the position you’re interviewing for. List experiences or accomplishments that show off your skills or knowledge, but don’t go into too many personal details about your private life. 

Why do you want this position?

This is the perfect time to show passion and enthusiasm for the job you’re applying for. Always be sure to emphasize the positive things about the company you’re interviewing for while answering the question when possible. For example, “I love talking to people, so I’m excited to be dealing directly with the customers. I love that this company makes it possible to do that.”

What are your weaknesses?

This tends to be a dreaded question because you want to seem honest and straightforward, but you don’t want to come across as unqualified. What the interviewer is trying to do is to gauge your self-awareness. So if you strike a balance between negative and positive with a response like “I’m not the best public speaker but I do well in front of small groups or one on one”, you’re acknowledging that you have some areas for improvement but are consistently working on them.

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