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Congratulations! You’ve completed your degree. Now it’s time to find a job. Job searches can be overwhelming; it’s hard to know where to start. Here are some job-hunting tips for college grads.

Evaluate Your Goals

It’s important to come up with a plan before you begin your job search, so you don’t waste time with interviews with companies you don’t want to work for. Come up with some main goals for the job you’re looking for but remember to remain flexible. If you find a job that pays less than you were hoping but offers benefits and room for advancement in an industry you want to be in, the pros may outweigh the cons. 

Remember to Update Your Resume

Every job counts for experience on paper, so be sure to include every job and every professional achievement in your resume. Check it monthly to be sure it’s up to date.

Keep Your Social Media Clean and Professional

One of the first things a company does when vetting a new employee is to check their social media. Try to remove any posts that would paint you in a negative light and keep it clean and concise. This doesn’t have to be permanent, just until you find a position that you are comfortable in. Your online presence is a reflection of your character, so be sure it represents you the way you want to be seen.

Network, Network, Network

Did you know a company is more likely to hire you if an existing employee has referred you? Connections matter, it’s just a fact. Therefore, you should get to know your industry and start making professional connections. A great way to do this is to update your LinkedIn profile and join relevant groups. 

At Lorelei Staffing we can help you with your job search and place you with a company that can help build your skills and experience to advance in your chosen field. Call us today for more information.