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Staffing agencies vary, but in general, they handle hiring, termination, payroll and taxes for companies. The company looking for employees gives the agency a request of how many workers they need, for how long and hourly pay and the agency handles the hiring process. Here’s a closer look at a how staffing agencies work.

Resource for Job Seekers

Staffing agencies are a huge resource for job seekers. They establish long-term professional relationships with their clients, which range from large corporations to small family-owned companies. Although they mainly place employees in temporary positions, there is an opportunity for long-term employment as well. When a job seeker signs up with a staffing agency, they are evaluated for skills, experience and education to make sure they are placed with the appropriate job.


The staffing agency is paid by the company that hires the employee for the amount of work they do. The amount of the fee all depends on the company and the level of skill the job requires.

Multiple Companies

Even though the employee may only be working a temporary position, a staffing agency will be able to line up a new position quickly, so there won’t be much time in between work periods. 

Employee Benefits

Most positions found through a staffing agency will not include many benefits since most positions are temporary. They might, however, offer a higher hourly wage because of this. A temporary position could always lead to a permanent job, which could come with full benefits.

Employee Support

A staffing agency offers many different sources of support for the job seeker including job interview preparation. Any issues or problems an employee may encounter on the job can also be resolved through the staffing agency. 

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